Today has been an important day supporting our teachers across Colorado as they march for reasonable pay, and benefits.  PERA has been underfunded for years in Colorado and since teachers don’t receive social security benefits PERA is their only retirement funds.  I went down to the capitol to support the thousands of teachers who marched for their rights.  These teachers play one of the most important roles in our communities.  They teach our children not only math, science, and other academics, but also morality and how to work with others.  These teachers are not usually provided all the resources they need to teach our children and often buy supplies out of their own pockets.  Many school districts in Colorado are moving to a 4 day week.  Studies have shown that shorter school weeks and years hurt kids learning and that kids don’t retain as much year to year.  Parents, local business owners and the community should consider ways they can support this cause.  Colorado must support teachers’ rights to protest and protect their right to do so. Two Republicans legislators have proposed a bill that would make teachers subject to criminal penalties for marching to get reasonable pay and benefits.  Another reason we need to take back the Senate is to stop bill like this from being introduced.  Support teachers by donating to the cause or contacting your legislators and letting them know how you feel about teacher’s inability to afford a standard living wage in CO