Last night I took an evening off knocking on doors to attend a grassroots fundraiser for the Democratic Senate Campaign Fund – the aspect of the party focused on supporting our Democratic Senate candidates.  No matter who wins SD32, this seat will almost certainly remain in Democratic hands – but it will barely matter if we don’t retake control of the chamber.  Here’s why:

This week the GOP controlled Senate killed bills that would have helped Coloradoans in several areas that need it most: drug prices, family leave, kindergarten and affordable housing.  The 3 GOP members of the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee spent the week killing smart solutions for some of the biggest problems we are facing.  All these bills died on a party line vote of 3-2: SB 18-006 to address affordable housing, SB18-004 which would create universal full-day kindergarten, and SB18-080 which would allow importing cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

If that wasn’t enough, Republicans on the Joint Budget Committee refused to continue funding for the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.  With a 3-3 tied vote, the committee will be defunded.

We need a change in the Senate because without Democratic control common sense bills like these never even make it to the floor for a full vote.

That is why I am running for the Senate, we can no longer allow a party that doesn’t believe in protecting and helping our citizens to control the process.  If you send me to the state senate I will fight to make sure we take back the Senate and get strong leaders who will support legislation that helps everyone in Colorado and not just the pharmaceutical companies and developers.