A fifteen year old girl is being held in a detention center while the Trump administration tries to force her to give birth against her will.

Via @ACLU: Jane Doe Wants an Abortion but the Government Is Hell Bent on Stopping Her

Trump is exploiting this woman’s immigration status in the most inhumane way.

Every woman, regardless of age, orientation, color, or immigration status, has the right to make their own personal health decisions. 

When the Trump administration illegally targets young undocumented women, I’m particularly incensed. We who believe that women’s rights are human rights must also believe that immigrant rights are women’s rights.

Please join me in calling our Denver delegation TODAY to ask them to support #JusticeForJane.

Email Sen. Michael Bennet
Denver office: (303) 455-7600

Email Sen. Cory Gardner
Denver office: (303) 391-5777

Email Rep. Diana DeGette 
Denver office: (303) 844-4988

In solidarity,