Senator Aguilar rallies behind his campaign with her endorsement, other Party leaders follow

Monday, June 19th, 2017 (Denver) – Robert Rodriguez ( will celebrate his official campaign-kickoff on Wednesday, June 21st, at Declaration Brewing, located at 2030 S Cherokee St. in Denver.

Rodriguez, a longtime Party activist and former Democratic Party of Denver Vice Chair, is running to succeed Dr. Irene Aguilar, who is term-limited. Said Aguilar of Robert’s campaign, “It is critical that we support candidates who will be the voice of the working-class. Robert has demonstrated his commitment to the betterment and empowerment of the people of this district, and I am proud to support his campaign for State Senate.”

In addition to the endorsement of Senator Aguilar, Rodriguez has also received the support of Representatives Susan Lontine, and James Coleman, who are not term-limited in 2018. Said Rodriguez of his House endorsers, “I am humbled to have their support and I look forward to joining them in the legislature to work towards a more equitable and just Colorado for all of its residents.”

Senator Aguilar is hosting the Rodriguez for State Senate kickoff. The event will run from 5:30 to 7:30pm and the program will begin at 6:30. Declaration Brewing is wheelchair-accessible and there is ample seating reserved for those who need it. Families are welcome and food will be provided.

Robert, age 48, is the Director of Business Management at Independence House, a network of facilities that re-introduce criminal offenders back into society by providing substance abuse and mental health counseling, job support, and housing. Independence House was founded by his father, Mannie Rodriguez, in 1977. Before joining Independence House in 2008, Robert had a career in insurance, where he worked his way up from the file room at Colorado Compensation Insurance Agency to a senior analyst at AIG Environmental.

Rodriguez is running on a platform of social justice and economic opportunity, which is referenced in his campaign slogan, The American Dream belongs to all of us.

“I believe in the right to a living wage and access to healthcare. I believe that every child has a right to a quality education, and that includes universal Pre-K and a post-graduate plan that works for them,” said Rodriguez of his platform. “With the Trump Administration unraveling protections for working families, it’s time for Colorado to step up and lead in this uncertain time.

“If we don’t even the playing field for working Coloradans, then opportunities will exist only for the very privileged. If we continue to widen the income gap, raise health care expenses for families, and let our young people suffer under crushing student loan debt, then this won’t be the same country that my father – who grew up in poverty, picking vegetables in New Mexico – was able to succeed in.

I am running for office because I know that if we don’t act now and with urgency, the American Dream will be lost.”

About Robert Rodriguez
Robert is a community volunteer and a small business owner who grew up in Colorado and graduated from Northglenn High School. He is an advocate for the health and well-being of Colorado’s working men and women, seniors, veterans, and youth. Robert is running for office to advance the economic interests of everyday Coloradans and ensure that all of us, regardless of background, are treated equally and fairly under the law. Robert is married to Deidre Rodriguez and they live in the Virginia Village neighborhood of Denver.



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